Firewise: Protecting your home & community from wildfires

Many homes and communities are located in the wildland-urban interface where homes and business are intermixed with forests and wildlands. Residents of these scenic areas may not be aware of the risks to their properties from wildfire. The Firewise program is a national program designed to help landowners in the wildland-urban interface to reduce wildfire risks to their homes and neighborhoods. Through proactive creation of defensible space and firewise landscapes around existing structures to reduce wildfire fuels, to choosing fire-resistant building materials during construction, can greatly reduce the risk and severity of wildfire losses. Community-wide firewise efforts engage property owners, local fire departments and forestry agencies in minimizing losses to wildfires by preparing for a fire before it occurs.

For a Firewise program in your state, contact your state forestry agency.

Firewise Communities Program

Preparing Homes for Wildfire

Wildfire Preparedness Tips