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Forest A SYST is designed to help you learn more about your forestland and to begin developing some ideas on management goals and objective. A key step in the process is to enlist the help of natural resource professionals such as foresters, wildlife and fisheries biologists, soil scientists and others to help you learn more about your forests and techniques that can help you achieve your management goals and objectives. The contacts listed in this section can help you locate natural resource professionals working in both the public and private sector. Those in the public sector; university extension, state or federal agencies provide assistance generally at no charge or a minimal charge for some services. Public service generally answer to landowner questions, provide management options and guidance, assist in development o! f ste wardship plans, and and some may administer incentive programs. They generally do not directly implement management activities for the landowner.

Professionals in the private sector; forestry, wildlife and fisheries consultants, are paid by the landowner to provide management services. Consultants handle timber cruises and sales, conduct habitat evaluations and enhancement activities. In general these professionals help landowners design and implement their management programs.

The contacts listed in this section can help you locate resources profesionals in your area.

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